Casa Duro | Hurricane Proof Modular Homes

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How long does it take to deliver a home?

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In average 2 - 3 months

Which building standards do your homes conform to?

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Our homes conform to CSA A277 Standard. This Standard is used to certify the residential building is in compliance with the building code it is required to comply with in the jurisdiction where your home will be situated. CSA A277 is used for certification compliance in Japan, UK, and Canada.

Our homes also conform to international building standards and our facilities are ISO-9001 certified

What are the responsibilities of the home owner?

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The home owner is responsible for the following;

1. Land

2. Foundation

3. Hook up of Utilities

4. Permits

What climates are suitable for CASA DURO's homes?

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CASA DURO's patent pending technology is suitable for all types of climates.